Anna Fermin shines on 'Someday Afternoon' EP

By Lucas J Villa,
The singer-songwriter gives the perfect mix of folk and pop on 'Someday Afternoon'
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Chicago-based singer Anna Fermin returned to the music scene earlier this year with her new EP entitled Someday Afternoon. Known in the underground music scene for her folk and Americana-styled tunes, on this latest 5-track EP, Fermin adds some light pop into the mix. The Phillipina singer-songwriter delivers a short but sweet EP of inspirational tracks.

The EP's best is the title track about getting out there and doing what you love. Fermin's uplifting lyrics paint a perfect landscape of the outside waiting to be explored. Her easy going words of encouragement are backed by the song's organic instrumentation. The best moment of “Someday Afternoon” is the song's piano breakdown.

Another standout is the beautifully produced “Everything Changes.” The song shifts from a mellow opening, accompanied with a steady drum beat, that later builds to a guitar-driven chorus. Much like the words in the song about changes in life leading to great happenings, this unique track is never constant, but instead has different instruments like strings and a piano coming in and out. Fermin's soft vocal and the reverberation it sometimes experiences on the track make this more experimental number a great listen.

Anna Fermin's Someday Afternoon is easy listening music at its best. The EP is a nice change up from the generic electronic sound currently dominating Top 40 radio. Fermin brings music back to its classic and organic niche, but gives it a contemporary spin with the EP's light pop elements.

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