Snoop Dogg becomes Snoop Lion

By Stephanie Middleton,
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Attention all Snoop Dogg fans. Snoop has officially been “reincarnated” as Snoop Lion, a reggae artist influenced by his previous life as a hip-hop rap star.

Off of his new album, Reincarnated, “La La La” is Snoop Lion’s new track released a few days ago. Taking on a light Jamaican accent, Snoop Lion raps and sings over the incredibly chilled out version of, the formerly known as, Snoop Dogg’s musical vibe. Steady and leveled drumbeats keep rhythm under the edgier reggae accompaniment making for a mellow but rebellious combination.

Snoop Lion recorded the reggae track in Jamaica with Diplo, Major Lazer and team as producers. Apparently, Snoop’s goal was to be “sendin the positive vibes all around!!! jahh!!! rastafari!!!”, as read on the artist’s Twitter. Jovi Rockwell is debuted on this track as she provides the supporting vocals to Snoop’s Rastafarian singing.

Besides the drastic change in persona in the artist, the change in the music is not one to be upset about. After the initial shock of Snoop’s new-found affection for cats and shifting away from his steadfast appreciation of dogs, the song has the potential to be well received by the die-hard Snoop Dogg lovers.



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