'The Office' Season Premiere Review: A Return to Form?

By Matthew Dougherty,
New Guys
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After a disappointing eighth season, The Office came back with a premiere that felt like a much older episode of the show, and that is a great thing.

Gone is the ridiculousness of last season, except Nellie of course. But in tone, New Guys felt like it belonged in season four or five, just without Steve Carell.

This feeling was felt from the beginning as Kevin told a much darker anecdote than we have been treated to in a few years. It was the first home run of the night as Kevin hilariously explained how he tried to glue together a dead turtle’s shell over and over again.

Then, the writers hit us again with a feeling of the old. An interesting new plot with Jim and Pam? How exciting! With the first words heard from the cameramen yet, Jim revealed that a friend is starting a business with an idea that Jim came up with in college. And so the final season begins. Will Jim finally get out of this place as he has been hoping for since the very beginning? I’m hooked.

Obviously most of this episode’s plot revolved around two new employees that Stanley quickly equated to Jim and Dwight. The latter, naturally, had an issue with this. Dwight’s quest to outdo Clark was hysterical, particularly his conversation with Pam on the roof. The end of the episode reminded me of the season three classic Safety Training where Michael tried to jump onto a bouncing castle from the roof.

But the very end was even more interesting. Jim took the job, without letting Pam know. What problems is this going to cause? Will she want to leave Scranton? This is exciting. The Office, which I wrote off as dead last May, is back in a big way.



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