What Treasure Do You Seek?

By Patricia Streeter,
A Review of Treasure Hunt
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Looking for a read full of adventure, sex appeal, suspense, and redemption? Treasure Hunt is the ideal book for you.

After the death of the love of his life, a father, Bill Porter, finds himself in financial problems. Due to the grief of losing a loved one and the uncertainty of tomorrow, Porter loses his job as a captain of an acclaimed airline. Fortunately, all is not lost. If Bill can do it, he’ll pull of the world’s greatest hijack for the only person worth living for, Jamie, his daughter. Though, Bill pulls of the greatest heist in history, he surrenders himself to the police, leaving the reader to wonder where the money has gone. Unfortunately for Bill, his stunt grants him twenty years in prison. Each year filled with its own horrors and discomforts. As the last few months of his sentence draw to an end, Bill believes he had earned the money he stole for his daughter. Though he cannot obtain it himself, there is an international thief that could pull off an odd job like this for him.

Falcon, an individual called upon every month or so from peculiar sources, has a knack for retrieving sensitive and secure items. The creativity of a man or woman’s request and significance of the item determines whether the phantom will go out of its way to obtain it.

After collecting risqué photos of distinguished men, the Falcon takes on Bill’s request. The Falcon does not expect is a group of goons run by Jack Davies, former cellmate of Bill Porter, after the money and a beautiful woman, Jamie Porter, who can make the Falcon reveal its true self. Jamie and the Falcon are up against a group of goons that are willing to eliminate anyone that stands in their way including each other. Who will win the Treasure Hunt? When the treasure is found, what will they do with it?

J. H. Bogran’s Treasure Hunt is an intriguing novel. Bogran’s is one step ahead of his reader. He also provides interesting insight of architecture and the life of a fictional thief. Even Borgan’s stock characters are carefully selected and thought out. At first the reader ponders what is the significance of the characters detailed lives and purpose.

As the story evolves, the stock characters purpose comes to light. Once they are shown the light, they want to know what comes of these characters lives. Unfortunately, most of them will not be mentioned again. When a writer is able to make a reader care about the mundane, they have done an excellent job. If you read to escape the perils of everyday life or slow down and enjoy and a good read, Treasure Hunt is the ideal escape for you.



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