'Boardwalk Empire' Season 3 Episode 4 recap

By Gabriela Penaherrera ,
"Blue Bell Boy"
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This Sunday's episode of Boardwalk Empire left us with a new perspective on the heart of a gangster.

As mentioned in episode 1 of season 3, Al Capone's son is deaf and we get a glimpse of his life with his son and how much he loves him. In one part of the show his son is getting bullied at school. Al does not agree with his wife’s attitude that “boys will be boys” so he tries to toughen his son up and teach him how to fist fight. A very emotional scene is when the young boy starts crying instead of swinging so Al scoops him up in his arms and comforts him. We also see this soft side again when one of Capone’s associates who is a sympathetic character is beaten up. Capone finds his beater and then beats him terribly and tell the man he should be ashamed for picking on someone who could not defend himself.

We still see Nucky looking for Roland Smith, the man who helped steal booze in the opening episode where his teammate got murdered. Since Gyp Rosetti killed the sheriff of Tabor Heights, he is now controlling the town’s fueling station and since Nucky has to route his booze caravan through the back roads of New Jersey in the winter it is difficult because there are few places to gas up along the treacherous icy roads. Despite Nucky’s instructions to reroute because it was unsafe, Mickey tells the crew to take the alcohol through there. Eli is nervous and drives into Tabor Heights ahead of the booze shipment and figures out that Gyp has sent up an ambush for Nucky’s caravan at the fueling station. Eli makes one last effort to save the crew and waves his arms at the cars but they continue and are met with gunfire.

We see Nucky in this episode mostly in Roland Smith’s basement where he stashes his crates upon crates of liquor. Roland tells the men he is 15 years old. When the house is raided, the three flee to the basement and are trapped there together for the night and the following day they seem to get along. After the incident Roland tried to convince Nucky he is sorry for what he did and he would work for him to make up for stealing but Nucky kills him anyway.

Luciano has a sit down with Joe Masseria whose crew tried to kill Bugsy but he wants 30 percent of Luciano and Lansky’s heroin business and warns Luciano that his Jewish associates would not think twice about stabbing him in the back, because they are not Italian blood like Masseria.

Margaret begins work on her women’s health program . She is becoming closer and closer with the doctor and want to hire a nun to teach women’s health but the nun objects to using the words “vagina,” “menstruation,” and “pregnant,” since it is still taboo and is offended when Margaret offers her a box of the brand new feminine care product, Kotex.



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