The Daily Show 10/2/12

By Tori Kronz,
Voter Fraud, Herman Cain and Liam Neeson
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In the Oct. 3, 2012 episode of the Daily Show, Jon Stewart reports on voter ID laws, segment with Herman Cain and the guest is Liam Neeson.

In the first segment, Jon Stewart is discussing the voter id laws and the voter disenfranchisement that is resulting. The main point is that these laws are disproportionately affecting minorities, but is also affecting many elderly who no longer drive. Larry Wilmore, Senior Black Correspondent, comes on the show to apologize to the elderly for them being caught in the cross fire meant for Black Americans. Wilmore then encourages Black Americans to vote multiple times, saying that they need to vote a lot to catch up with White Americans’ voting. He even gives a walkthrough on how to do it! This section is especially worth watching.

The second segment is a continuation of Jon Oliver’s interviews asking Herman Cain what he would do if he were elected president. Oliver asks Cain about the debt in China and what he would do to convince China not to demand the United States pay the debt back right away. The best part, though, was that part of this scenario was a physical revealing that Cain was telepathic and that he needed to use this telepathy to help convince China.

The guest for this episode was Liam Neeson discussing his new movie, Taken 2. They briefly discuss the movie and then move onto other topics. Stewart and Neeson discuss favorite movies, Neeson’s kids and, weirdly enough, Neeson’s shoe size. This was a good episode. I enjoyed the two segments a lot. The interview was not bad either, but I am not super interested in Liam Neeson. Definitely worth a watch, but not super high on my list of favorite episodes.



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