'The Daily Show ' recap - 10/10/12

By Tori Kronz,
Presidential Campaign, Polls and Magic Johnson
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In Wednesday's episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart talked about the presidential campaigns, polls and interviews Magic Johnson.

The episode begins with Jon Stewart’s continued coverage of “Democalypse 2012.” This is basically coverage of the aftermath of the presidential election. Stewart focuses mainly on how people have not been able to let go of Mitt Romney’s Big Bird statement. There is even a clip of will.i.am playing the Sesame Street theme song and remixing it before one of President Barak Obama’s speeches.

The second segment was about the various news stations’ use of polls in their coverage of the election. Stewart shows them using just about every poll imaginable. They even reference the 7-11 cup poll, red cup for Romney and blue for Obama. Stewart then shows clips of them criticizing the accuracy of the polls while they continue to use them. Then they bring in the idea of a survey of polls to see what they all say. This is when Jason Jones comes in to discuss polls with Stewart. Nothing terribly exciting or memorably happened, but the ridiculous use of polls was kind of amusing.

The guest for this episode was Magic Johnson. He was on to talk about the HIV test OraQuick that is available in stores for in-home use. They talk about why this in-home test could be important for communities affected by AIDS and HIV. They quickly move on, though, to talk about Johnson’s basketball rivalries and his thoughts on what that added to his career. This second topic was kind of interesting and I liked hearing about how getting over these rivalries worked for him. However, I think they spent far too little time discussing OraQuick and some extra coverage would have been really interesting and important for HIV and AIDS awareness and activism.



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