'The Daily Show' recap - 10/11/12

By Tori Kronz,
Candidates, Superpacs and Paul Thomas Anderson
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In Thursday's episode of The Daily Show, the show focuses on the people running for office other than the presidential candidates, Super PACs and megadoners and the guest is Paul Thomas Anderson.

The first segment is called You Magnificent B******ds and looks at why Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama are good candidates. Stewart goes through different people with startling beliefs. The first is Representative Todd Akin. This is the representative that said women’s bodies have the natural ability to prevent pregnancy in the case of “real rape.” The other candidates Stewart mentions are mostly having over the top campaigns.

The second segment was Jon Oliver talking about megadoners and Super PACs. Oliver talks to David Donnelly, an activist for megadonners and Super PACs. Donnelly believes that there should be less money in politics and that these big donors are ruining the system. The other perspective Oliver shows is this campaign money going to create jobs. He discusses this with Mitch Cahn, who owns a factory making the shirts and hats for the campaigns. They then show a fake commercial about how the actors in the commercials make money and all the other people that get paid to make the commercial.

This episode’s guest is Paul Thomas Anderson promoting his new show The Master. They spend the whole time talking about how Anderson wrote and made the movie. They discussed the excellent performance of the actors and how Anderson, the director, acts on set. They also spend a large part of the interview talking about Anderson’s writing process. This was definitely one of the more interesting interviews this week. I am still not sure what that movie is actually about, but it apparently has a lot of good actors in it.

As for the rest of the episode, I really enjoyed the first section. The second part is getting closer to the non-election parts I miss, but I think the two men Oliver interviewed must not have been as ridiculous as the people they usually get, since there was not the usual back and forth between the interviews.



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