'The Daily Show' recap - 10/1/2012

By Tori Kronz,
Presidential Debate and Schwarzanegger
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Monday's episode of The Daily Show covered the presidential debate, the White House’s position on the attacks on the embassies and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book.

Jon Stewart starts the episode talking about the upcoming presidential debate and how the different camps are handling it. Both the Democrats and the Republicans are down playing their candidates’ debate skills. Mitt Romney’s people are saying that he is not familiar with this type of venue. President Barack Obama’s people say he is going to lose, because he is not a “great” debater. The one exception is Governor Chris Christie who doesn't downplay Romney’s skills, but plays them up instead. This leads to Wyatt Cenac and Asif Mandvi “reporting from” the two camps’ locations.

The second segment is about the White House’s discussion of the attacks on the U.S. embassy in Libya. At first, the White House blames the attacks on the riots about the film. Then they changed the story to a terrorist attack using the riots as coverage. Finally, Obama says something between the two. Basically, all these officials are contradicting each other are seem to not be communicating with each other.

This episode’s guest is former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is there mainly to promote his book, Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story. They discuss his time as governor and the difficulties he faced at the time trying to accomplish things. They discuss what else needs to be done in California and what they need to accomplish in the future.

This was not a particularly interesting episode. This seems to be the result of a slow news weekend. It was far from bad, but the segments were not very interesting and Schwarzenegger was kind of boring. If you watch every episode, then do not bother to skip this one, since it was not painful to watch. However, if you only watch a select few, then go ahead and skip this one.



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