'The Daily Show' recap - 10/9/12

By Tori Kronz,
Mitt Romney, Black Mormons and Ben Affleck
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In Tuesday's episode of the Daily Show, Jon Stewart reports on Mitt Romney’s use of his lead in the polls, black Mormons’ votes and interviews Ben Affleck.

The Daily Show begins with Jon Stewart talking about Mitt Romney’s actions after gaining the lead following the presidential debate. According to Stewart, Romney has started trying to give specifics for the cuts he wants to make. However, he says he plans to leave things like medicare for the retired and skill training in place while doing things like building more ships for the Navy. He plans to do all this while lowering taxes and repealing Obama care. Stewart says that none of this will help the deficit and U.S. debt and asks Romney, “As an American voter…Are you a wizard?”

In the second segment, Jessica Williams discusses the presidential election with black Mormons. She refers to this group as the “unicorn of politics.” They discuss the struggle between picking a black or Mormon president and they do a decent job of showing this group as just as complex and divided as the rest of the country. She asks them questions to determine whether or not these individuals are more black or Mormon.

The guest for this episode is Ben Affleck promoting his new movie Argo. They do not talk about much other than the movie and Affleck’s directing. It is kind of an interesting interview, but they do not really discuss anything interesting about the movie. They did not really tell any interesting stories, but they had some amusing points about Canada amidst international crises.

This is kind of how the whole episode went. It was kind of interesting, but nothing all that entertaining was done.



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