Eric Dill’s debut album 'Forever Is Not Enough'

By Luis Vargas,
Pop hooks, cheap love lyrics and boy-band appeal does not impress
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Eric Dill has had an interesting career in the entertainment industry so far. He emerged on the scene by joining his friend from high school to lead the band The Click Five as their lead singer back in the early 2000s. In 2007 he split from the band to start his own solo career.

However, his first solo project has been stunted due to his other projects. He wrote for Chris Daughtry’s album Leave This Town and starred in the movie Taking 5. However, after six years of leaving his band he released Forever Is Not Enough.

Unfortunately, all that time did not help him because the album sounds as if it took three months to make. His 10-track debut was released on SoundCloud seven months ago. He hasn’t strayed too far from The Click Five’s power pop sound, but he hasn’t done too much to distinguish himself as a solo artist.

The album starts with “Wherever You Are” It initially starts off like most pop songs accompanied by soft acoustic strings, but the chorus uplifts the song as Dill holds the notes to the lyrics “wherever you are.”

The rest of the album alternates between pop love songs and more rock-oriented songs that resemble The Fray or something to that effect. The problem with “Forever Is Not Enough” is that each song sounds similar to the next. The album as a whole sounds like a mesh of recycled hits churned out on MTV.

Eric Dill is a talented singer, but his voice is suited to appeal to teenage girls. This is a huge problem because currently no artist is knocking Justin Beiber off of his Teen heartthrob throne.

However, you don’t have to take my word for it. Below is the music video to “Wherever You Are.”



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