Eric Dill's 'Forever Is Not Enough' review

By Mallory Hatten,
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Eric Dill has taken the pop-rock sounds from his former boy band days and toned them down with mature lyrical themes of love and loss on his first solo album Forever Is Not Enough.

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Dill began his musical career in 2003 after forming American pop band, The Click Five, with his college buddies and taking on the role as lead singer. A former Berklee College of Music student, Dill and his band mates experienced their first taste of fame after a successful local tour in 2004.

In just one year’s time, The Click Five, known for their power pop sound and Beatle-esque look, reached national fame after the release of their first album, Greetings from Imrie House, in 2005, which featured hit songs like “Just the Girl” and “Good Day.” Dill left the group shortly after to pursue a solo career.

Upon his departure from the band, Dill moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting and snagged a role in 2007’s Taking 5, about two nerdy teens who kidnap a world famous boy-band in hopes that they’ll play a concert for their high school.

But the singer’s acting venture was short-lived, and he returned back to his roots as a musician. Over the next year, Dill wrote a number of songs, 20 of which appeared on his personal MySpace page. One of them, “No Surprise,” was slated to be the first single of his solo career, but instead, he decided to hand the song over to rock band Daughtry.

Fast forward to 2012, Dill finally accomplished what he originally set out to do – release a solo album.

Forever Is Not Enough, released in March 2012, features 13 original songs, all with the signature pop-rock sound he became known for. The lyrical content focuses around love, heartbreak and the crazy ride that is life, and while many of the songs offer an up tempo, poppy-alternative feel, Dill does slow it down with power ballad tracks like “I’ll Come Back for You” and “Leaving You Lonely.”

The singer’s wide vocal range and emotional connection to the songs really draws you in and captivates you. The album’s sixth track “War With Wolves,” is easily a favorite with its clever lyrics – comparing wolves to those people who tend to hold you back from what you’re after - and electro-pop arrangement. “Wherever You Are” also tops the list as a number one pick with its sweet message of never-ending love and catchy chorus.

Dill’s first solo attempt proves successful on Forever Is Not Enough. The combination of lyrical content, obvious vocal talent and interesting sounds come together to create an effortlessly easy-to-listen-to album that you’ll find yourself listening to over and over again.
Check out Dill’s debut album on SoundCloud today!

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