'The Good Wife' Season 4 Episode 2: And the Law Won

By Roselyn Sebastian,
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The episode opens up with Nathan Lane as Clarke Hayden interviewing various 4th year associates; trying to get them to turn on each other. It’s Will's first case back from his suspension, representing a grieving mother suing over the wrongful death of her son in an anti-NATO protest.

Maura Tierney, as the entrepreneur Maddie Hayward, buys Lockhart Gardner’s building. Diane sends Alicia to renegotiate the terms of Lockhart Gardner’s lease so the firm can avoid selling off the 27th floor.

Meanwhile, Kalinda and Nick go to an ice cream parlor. It’s revealed that it was during Nick’s stint in prison that Kalinda left him and not only absconded with his money but set fire to his clothes as well.

Will receives a settlement in the amount of $800,000 but thinks he can get more so he doesn’t accept it, against the advice of Clarke. Will’s attempt to hit a home run right after coming off the bench backfires.

Kalinda, back from enjoying her ice cream cone and awkward conversation, discloses her connection to Nick and divulges his plans to put down roots in Chicago. Alicia agrees to drop the case, but when Clarke finds out, he orders her to pick the case up again.

Diane’s attempt to use Alicia to renegotiate also backfires as Maddie Hayward is only interested in Alicia’s politics and not her job. Hayward unexpectedly agrees to make a donation to Peter’s campaign and also awkwardly tries to become friends with Alicia by asking her out for drinks.

While Will flounders with his case, it’s Kalinda who finds a crucial detail that allows Lockhart Gardner to win at the eleventh hour, managing to come away with a settlement of $3.5 million.

This episode is still lacking compared to other episodes from the previous season. But it was much improved from the first episode. Will may have won the case but Lockhart Gardner is still losing as a firm. Mergers and Acquisitions has been reduced to one lawyer and they’re going to be forced to sell the 27th floor. It has to be criminal how underused Cary is.

The pacing of this episode was much better. But there’s still room for improvement. Hopefully as the season progresses the episodes won’t be as crowded with guest stars and the plot development won’t seem so contrived.



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