The Killers 'Battle Born' Album Review

By Connor Murphy,
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The Killers are back from a hiatus with their release of their latest Battle Born on September 17. This is the bands fourth studio album for this American rock band, and an important step forward for them as well.

The Killers declared an extended hiatus after their ‘Day and Age Tour’ in 2010 to take a break from the band, take some time with the family, as well as a couple side projects. It seems like The Killers are taking steps in the right direction with Battle Born.

Battle Born sold over 113,000 copies in its first week and debuted at number 3 on the Billboard 200. The hit single “Runaways” debuted at #17 on the iTunes US Alternative top twenty songs, and has received great reviews by many music critics. I agree with them.

The Killers have stepped their game up with Battle Born. This album shows signs of life of earlier Killers recordings. They brought back the electro-pop that was seen with their first album, Hot Fuss, while bringing some of the soul and lyrical depth that Sam’s Town had to offer. Perhaps the hiatus was good for the band because it seems the lead singer Brandon Flowers has put a lot of heart into his lyrics and songs. Flowers has a voice that many male singers aspire for. He puts a lot of heart into every word and can reach a high pitch that is unexpected.

“Runaways” is the leading single off of the album, as it should. It is in my opinion the best song the album has to offer, not in a bad way. The song “Runaways” represents everything that Battle Born has to offer. It starts off a little slow and melodic, brings you into a newfound love. Then picks up the pace, becomes a little harder, while that new-found love turns into tough times.

The album has plenty of other gems to offer. I enjoy “Here With Me” which is an enjoyable song of missing a significant other. The song offers a lot of soul, and Flowers takes you on a rollercoaster of emotion with almost every song, highs and lows. “Miss Atomic Bomb” will be the Battle Born’s second single released, and will look to find as much success as “Runaways” was able to achieve.

The Killers are back. Battle Born is better than their past couple of albums. I’d recommend this album and look forward to the next one. To a live music enthusiast, I’d recommend seeing The Killers on their next upcoming tour, as they are an excellent live band as well. Battle Born may not even get as much recognition as it deserves, but it is a big album for The Killers.

The Killers – “Runaways”:



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