Lupe Fiasco’s ‘Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1’ album review

By Connor Murphy,
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Lupe Fiasco released his fourth studio album Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1 on September 25.

Fiasco is known for being very socially conscious in and out of his music. He incorporates his social, political, and religious opinions into his music, and it isn’t a bad thing. However, that is information for a whole other article. Fiasco’s many various opinions and ideals stapled into his lyrics are a pleasure to listen to and add a whole other level of depth to hip-hop as far as lyrics go.

Food & Liquor II has already found some success since its release. The album features singles such as “Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free),” “Bitch Bad,” “Lamborghini Angels,” and “Battle Scars.” “Battle Scars” features Australian singer/songwriter Guy Sebastian, and is the first song to reach number one off of the album.

Much like Fiasco’s other albums, the lyrics incorporate social differences, heartbreak, racism, political opinions, and views of modern media. Fiasco’s depth in his lyrics, something that isn’t found so often in modern hip-hop, makes listening to his music much more enjoyable. Even if you don’t agree with his opinions, you may enjoy the song, it’s hard to explain.

Regardless, I see Lupe Fiasco continuing to roll with the hits. I am a personal fan of his other albums, and this one just keeps producing solid music. Fiasco’s active personal life and opinions make listening to his music refreshing. He has a great flow, and he continues to collaborate with lesser known names and still produce hits. Food & Liquor II is no different. I recommend this album, I will continue listening to it, and look forward to the release of the next album, expected in Spring 2013.

Lupe Fiasco (Ft. Guy Sebastian) - “Battle Scars”:



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