Passion Pit 'Gossamer' Album Review

By Connor Murphy,
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Passion Pit released their sophomore album Gossamer July 20. The album has found success and good reviews, debuting at number four on the Billboard 200, selling 37,000 copies in its opening week. Personally, I believe Gossamer is a pleasant surprise.

I haven’t listened to their debut album Manners, but I’ve heard and enjoyed a song or two from the band. Still, I went into listening to Gossamer with some slight skepticism. I must admit I was wrong because Gossamer is a very good album.

Passion Pit brought their electro-pop sound onto the album. The complexity of the synthesizer along with the lyrical depth that this album brings is transcending. Lead singer Michael Angelakos sings of alcoholism, depression, drugs, suicide, mental illness and many of the other problems that Angelakos is facing in his life. Interesting thing about Passion Pit is that even in dealing with these issues, their songs sound very happy and excitable.

Gossamer’s original release date was supposed to be in the spring of 2011, but kept getting pushed back due to Angelakos struggling with bi-polar disorder, and just about all the troubles that can come along with it such as hospital stays, suicide scares, etc. This adds a whole new level of depth to Gossamer itself. The lyrics in the songs reflect his struggles. With such a tough time and an experience like that, these lyrics and the synth behind it create beauty.

As for the songs, the leading single off Gossamer is “Take A Walk.” This is a great song and has found success commercially. The lyrics are of an immigrant making his way up in America, and whenever he finds himself in a difficult situation, he simply “Takes A Walk.” Each track tells a story of its own, and just about every track is very enjoyable. From the fast paced “I’ll Be Alright” reflecting a man drowning in his woes, and pushing his significant other to move on, to ending with the slower paced “Where We Belong,” a tranquil song with a dark message, suicidal thoughts speaking to his loved one. This roller coaster of emotion will stir you up on the inside, but you have to appreciate everything that Gossamer reflects.

Listening to Passion Pit is an experience. The music makes you want to dance, the lyrics make you want to help the singer, but all in all, it becomes a work of art. I don't think you'll find any other album recently that evokes so much emotion, and simply means so much to the artist. So much so that one has to think if it's an artist coming out with an album for his fans, or simply a source of therapy for Angelakos. Gossamer has won me over. I declare myself to be a Passion Pit fan now. Look for big things ahead for this band and the continuing success of this album.

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