"Up All Night" season two, episode seven: 'Thanksgiving'

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The Big Lebowski
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The episode starts in the wee hours of Thanksgiving morning at the Brinkley home. Reagan (Christina Applegate) and Chris (Will Arnett) have planned a trip to Maryland to visit Chris' family (as is tradition). Reagan explains to an exhausted Chris (wearing a deep v-neck sweater and capris - it's too early for him to pick out clothes) that they will bypass traffic and the lines at the airport if they leave on Thanksgiving day. Of course their flight is cancelled before they get out the door. Chris is upset, but Reagan promises to cook him and Amy the best Thanksgiving dinner.

Meanwhile, Ava (Maya Rudolph) and Walter (Sean Hayes) plan to spend Thanksgiving at a ritzy spa. Walter explains that he needs to outdo last Thanksgiving, which he spent splitting a party-size Quizznos sub with a friend. When Ava's pedicurist tells her that she's spending Thanksgiving sloughing off Ava's foot skin, Ava tells the woman that she knows a little about the words "hard" and "times." She vows to "give back" this Thanksgiving and, much to the dismay of Walter, leaves the spa and heads to a church.

Reagan and Chris search for a turkey at the local grocery store and, because it's Thanksgiving day, the only turkeys left either way two pounds or thirty pounds. They choose the thirty-pounder, the "Big Lebowski" they aptly name it, and head home to begin cooking.

At the church, Walter and Ava are bewildered that there are so many "needy" people hanging around wearing suits and bluetooths. When the pastor explains that all of the people are there to volunteer and that Walter and Ava's services aren't needed, Ava tells Walter "When one door closes, you must trespass again," and the two sneak into the back of the church.

When Reagan and Chris arrive home, they run into their annoying neighbours, Gene and Terri, and attempt to dodge questions about their Thanksgiving. When Gene and Terri explain to the Brinkleys that they already ate their Thanksgiving dinner (before 11 a.m. so they can get an early start on the Christmas season) Chris tells the couple that they are planning on staying home and eating dinner with Amy.

Reagan and Chris find Scott (Luka Jones) and a bunch of his divorced friends doing keg stands in their living room who explain to Reagan and Chris that their kids are with their ex-wives so they're just trying to have some fun. Instead of kicking the men out, Reagan invites them for dinner. The three-person dinner party has turned into seven.

After trespassing into the church, Ava and Walter butt into the volunteer line and end up spilling gravy and corn everywhere. They are kicked out and Ava claims that this is now the second time she's been kicked out of a church. The duo inevitably shows up at Reagan's and dinner for seven has turned into dinner for nine.

As Reagan attempts to stuff the Big Lebowski into the oven, she realizes her oven isn't big enough. She is forced to ask her annoying neighbors for their oven, which, of course, leads to another invite and another twosome for dinner (11 people now).

Reagan realizes Chris is really missing his family in Maryland and forces him, the divorcees, and the annoying neighbours to the park for a game of football. Meanwhile, Ava and Walter find their "charity case" in Reagan as they watch the disaster that is her cooking. Walter and Ava are no better and, as Walter puts out a potential fire with whip cream, Ava finishes what looks like the perfect batch of stuffing (except for the fact that she's lost three acrylic nails in it).

While their guests wait at the table, Reagan and Chris head to Gene and Terri's for the turkey. While Reagan is doubtful the turkey will turn out, the couple str shocked when they open the oven doors to a "ginormous piece of awesomeness" that looked like a "magazine turkey." On the hike back to their house, Chris and Reagan drop the perfect turkey in the middle of the road and, as Chris explains the five-minute rule, a KIA runs over the turkey, spraying perfectly cooked turkey all over the road. The Big Lebowski has gone to Jesus, Reagan and Chris explain to their guests.

The group eventually ends up at a local pizza parlour, where Ava is able to finally help those in need (she climbs into an arcade game to get Scott an "unlicensed Curious Jorge" for his son) and Chris is able to "carve" the pizza. They are all thankful for the people around them.

Here's hoping your Thanksgiving turns out better than the Brinkley's!

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