Being Santa Claus: What I learned About the True Meaning of Christmas

By Alison Schaefer,
By:Sal Lizard with Jonathan Lane
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We have all seen it time and time again. It’s the middle of August and you walk into a store and there it is: Christmas Decorations! Christmas and the holiday season has become more of a money making time of year, than a time of thanks and love.

Sal Lizard is a genuine Santa Claus. “Being Santa Claus” will surely light the fire inside anyone that reads this and fill their hearts with the true Christmas spirit. Sal Lizard takes you a journey of his 20 years as Santa and you learn all the ups and downs, highs and lows that goes along with it.

“Being Santa Claus” will turn any Christmas “Grinch” into a true Holiday believer. He seems to live his life as a genuine Santa and only on occasion does he come out as himself, Sal Lizard. Whether you have lost your way and lost your belief or just want some re-enforcement, Santa Sal delivers in his book “Being Santa Claus.”

Believe in the little miracles that occur around you and believe in Santa Sal.



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