Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 10 Recap

By Gabriela Penaherrera ,
"A Man, A Plan"
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In this episode of Boardwalk Empire, we see Nucky is back and feeling better from last week's concussion. Last week, we saw Owen and Margaret talk about their plans to run away together and as romantic as it might have seemed, it looked doomed to me from the start.

Not only was Owen still sleeping with Katie, but he also alluded that he would consider marrying her before he left one morning to go work at the Thompson residence. We also see Margaret drop a bombshell and tell Owen she is pregnant with his baby.

Owen however, never got a chance to run away with her or have his baby in his arms, because his dead body was sent to Nucky in a box in the middle of the night. Margaret obviously goes into a frenzy, and cries and beats on Nucky's chest like he committed the murder, but we cannot help but imagine who was behind this. As smart a man as Nucky is, he could have very well known about his wife sneaking around with the help. Gyp Rosetti was tipped off by Luciano, and we all are convinced that he was killed by Gyp. I cannot help but think Nucky was somehow involved with it. We will have to wait for next week's episode for answers.

In other news, my favorite character Richard Harrow is finally finding love with Julia. We see their relationship blossom and he seems more happy than he has been in all 3 seasons. He does, however, have a heated argument with her father who, as usual, is drunk and belligerent.

In one scene while Richard and Julia are at the beach, we see people swimming in the ocean and whiskey bottles are coming onto the shore like seashells. People start going crazy shouting and collecting them like it was water in a desert. The bottles are from Gyp's stash that were mistakingly dropped from a cargo boat. The son of the fisherman who was responsible for the lost whiskey was trying to stick up for his father and told Gyp that the rough waves were at fault. Gyp was not having it and buried him in the sand up to his neck and violently beat his head until he died.

Another important note is that Margaret's health clinic was shut down by the bishop. The doctor wants to continue working with Margaret, but she declined and said her goodbyes.

Owen was supposed to kill Joe Masseria, but plans did not work out because Lansky and Luciano tried to convince him to join the heroin trade by telling him that he was in danger of being killed. Eli was also sent to Chicago to convince Torrio to work with Nucky. We see Nucky pay money to have Jess Smith killed and, in the end, Smith kills himself oddly enough. Nucky also asked Bill McCoy to make a fake agreement with Gyp, to gain information about his business.

Also in Chicago, Van Alden is keeping his off-the-grid liquor venture in full swing by selling bottles to a Norwegian bar owner. To his dismay, one day when he came back there, two men with guns come and drag him out. We think they are Feds, but later we see they work for Capone. When Van Alden comes to see Capone, he explains to him that even though he works for O'Banion, he knows nothing about what he is doing on the side. Capone then demands him to tell him everything about O'Banions' business. Van Alden states that he knows nothing about it.



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