'Boardwalk Empire' Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

By Gabriela Penaherrera ,
"The Milkmaid's Lot"
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This episode of Boardwalk Empire was unlike any other. Not only did it take us to Nucky's world after a terrible explosion killed his lover Billie, but we see a vulnerable side of Nucky and feel sorry for him as his metal state starts to deteriorate.

After the explosion, Nucky's doctor said he was left in a "mental fog" after suffering a concussion. The Thompson family is now in hiding to avoid Gyp Rosetti and Margaret and the children are getting tired of having security around them at all times. Nucky is constantly having flashbacks of what happened the night of the explosion and has issues with hearing and memory. He also confuses Margaret with Billie and also makes Emily cry on her birthday. He makes a big deal about the fact that Margaret and Owen did not buy the pony.

Later we see Nucky tell his associates to make it seem like the explosion at Babette's was caused by a gas leak. He also arranges for all the heads of the gangs to come to Atlantic City to figure out a way to take down Gyp and Joe Masseria. Gyp calls Nucky and Teddy accidentally picks up the phone, and when Nucky gets on the call, Gyp reads Billie's obituary on the phone, which is too hard for Nucky to hear.

Margaret and Owen also have an intimate conversation about their relationship. Owen wants to eventually run away with her. She tells him she wants to as soon as possible.

The feds also arrest Remus for violating the Volstead Act. As he is being arrested he screams that he has receipts and was paid by Dougherty.

Nucky meets with all the bosses and explains to them that Gyp is his problem now but soon he will be a problem for all of them. Rothstein explains to him that they all wish him the best but they are not taking his side on the issue. Nucky feels beyond betrayed and shouts out to Arnold that he will not forget this betrayal.

Gillian has an issue with Tommy. Now that he is getting more curious and after all, is being raised in a brothel, he is being exposed accidentally to adult situations. Mr. Harrow usually watches and takes care of Tommy and one night while he was out on a date with Ms. Sarkowski, Tommy walked in on one of the girls and a client. Gillian is pissed at Mr. Harrow and tells him this cannot happen. Mr. Harrow checks in on Tommy while he is sleeping and he wakes up and tells Harrow that he wants to go home.

In Tabor Heights, Gyp is taking over. He beats the sheriff up pretty good and holds a town meeting where he offers them a deal of $200 a month for keeping their mouth shut. The members seem pretty satisfied with the deal and agree.



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