Cisco Adler 'Aloha' Album Review

By Connor Murphy,
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If you love some feel-good music that will help your mind wander off to a beach somewhere, while having fun and dancing while doing so, Cisco Adler is for you. Former front man of the band Whitestarr, and longtime collaborator with Shwayze, Adler released his debut solo album Aloha, and the title alone gives you the vibe of what you’re in for upon listen.

I am a big fan of the collaboration between Shwayze and Cisco Adler on their albums together, and I’ve seen them live. They are really as fun as they sound. The combo of Adler’s fun guitar strumming and relaxing voice, combined with Shwayze’s mellow rap-ability, formed a perfect storm of fun music. It seem’s the two have split ways with Adler’s Aloha. Adler isn’t alone however; this album featured other acts such as G. Love, Don Carlo, G Eazy, North Mississippi All Stars, Mod Sun and Pat Brown.

Where Cisco Adler falls short in lyrical depth and musical showmanship, he makes up for it with fun strums, danceable grooves, and head bopping island beats. This is simply fun, island music to chill to. I give this album a 3.5 out of 5. Not all of the songs standout, but they each have their place in the album, and flows great throughout Aloha. The album infuses reggae, pop, hip-hop, acoustic, and even a little electro to offer a little bit of something to everybody.

Top songs on the album include the beach jam “You’re a Fool” featuring G love, a funky beat along with hip-hop vocals to accompany in the tune “Classic” and rightfully named. Then there are other notable tracks in the Sublime-style, “Waking Up In Paradise” featuring North Mississippi All Stars, “The Good Life” featuring Mod Sun and Pat Brown, offering up another excellent reggae rock tune, “You and I”, a more fun and relaxing track while maintaining its upbeat tempo, and “California In The Winter”, a simple strumming track, singing of California in the winter. It’s a nice slow-down/step back from the rest of the album.

The other un-noted songs don’t necessarily standout, but they have their place in the album. You know what to expect from a Cisco Adler album, and while it’s not a huge standout album, its simply very chill music. It’s nice to listen to, imagine yourself partying at a beach somewhere, and mellow out. Though the album may get old after a couple playbacks, it’s worth a listen all the way through, so I recommend it.

The whole album can be previewed at the bottom of the article courtesy of Soundcloud.

Cisco Adler (Ft G Love) – “You’re a Fool”:



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