Eric EQ Young 'Just 4 You' Album Review

By Connor Murphy,
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After many years of instrumental funk background, funk-vet Eric EQ Young is taking his step into the spotlight releasing his debut solo album Just 4 You. Young is able to achieve grooves across the spectrum, sparking upbeat danceable jams, to toned down mellow beats. Young is able to please moods or even influence them with his songs, and he displays that ability in Just 4 You.

Admittedly new to funk, I can’t help but enjoy this album. I give it 3.5 out of 5. Eric EQ Young is gifted lyrically as he is equipped with a soothing voice and instrumental ability. Being only five songs long, I hoped the album would be a little longer. However, he packs a lot into five tracks so successfully that I recommend the album.

Just 4 You combines funk, soul, and R&B all into an excellent danceable blend. The first two tracks “Why You Funkin” and “Dance With Me” serve up upbeat funk jams that are fun as well as purifying. The last three songs tone down the mood with mellow grooves, setting a romantic undertone while keeping the energy up.

I suppose Just 4 You is hard to put a finger on, because they cross the emotional spectrum in just a few songs. Regardless, Eric EQ Young is certainly an entertainer and he takes pride in doing so, and it shows through his music. I recommend this album for the funk fan, and it’s a good introduction album if you don’t listen to funk but are interested in the genre.

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