Green Day 'Dos!' Album Review

By Connor Murphy,
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The show must go on! Green Day has cancelled the rest of their 2012 tour dates due to lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong entering rehab after his recent onstage tirade. However, in the wake of all that, Green Day pushes forward set to release their tenth studio album Dos! November 13. This is also the second of three in the latest Uno!, Dos!, Tre! trilogy.

Dos! takes a step forward by taking a step back. It has a garage-rock ambience and shows signs of life of early Green Day that everybody fell in love with. The album picks up the tempo from Uno!, with more grit and less commercialization. Drawing similarities to the sound of Green Day’s alter ego Foxboro Hot Tubs, Dos! is a big step in the right direction.

The first single released from Dos! is titled “Stray Heart.” This song differentiates itself from the rest of the songs on the album. It reminds me of earlier Green Day with a punk-pop sound, with a funky bass beat. It is the crowd-pleaser of the album.

Another standout song is “Nightlife,” a bit of a darker, slower song featuring Lady Cobra of the band Mystic Knights of the Cobra. This song has a drunken-haze feel to it, I suppose suitable to the song title. It offers Armstrong and Lady Cobra conflicting idea’s back and forth, and it’s certainly unique. Not a sound heard from Green Day before.

The final track on the album titled “Amy” is dedicated to the late Amy Winehouse. It is a very sweet and somber song. The track consists of Armstrong and a lone guitar strum singing to the memory of Winehouse urging “Amy, don’t you go.” It is an excellent song choice to cap off the album.

My favorite tracks off the album are “Wow! That’s Loud” for its classic Green Day sound and sweet guitar riff throughout, “Ashley” due to the punk sound that Green Day has been missing over its past couple of albums, and “Amy” due to the heartfelt vibe.

I like Dos! a lot. I think it’s much better than Uno!. I can’t wait to see what Tre! has in store. Green Day is looking like they are returning to their prime. I wish nothing but the best for Armstrong throughout his stint at rehab, and hopefully Green Day can pick-up where they left off from there. I recommend this album, look for it to come out November 13, with the follow up album of the trilogy Tre! expected December 11.

Green Day – “Stray Heart”:



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