Kalen 'Fallen From The Sun' EP Review

By Connor Murphy,
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Kalen is an indie soul singer from New York City. She has an excellent singing range, she displays deep lyrical content, and she's simply an excellent musician. She is truly unique.

Fallen From The Sun is a grassroots EP featuring six songs from Kalen. The album showcases a dark sense of hope. Each song seems to work off of one another, while maintaining their own independence as pieces of art separately. Infusing a sense of hopelessness and hopefulness all at once, it is beautifully dark, and is simply an excellent piece of work.

“Island” combines an electro flow in the background accompanied with vocals tied to a nice piano melody. This is a nice song to kick off the EP, it really sets the tone. “Fallen From The Sun” works off of that and features a slow bass beat to set the bluesy undertone, along with Kalen’s excellent singing sets up a hopelessly romantic theme. It’s a really great song, that you could imagine coming straight from a James Bond film. She stands out entirely here, featuring a nice guitar riff, I believe this is my favorite track off the album. “Rabid Girl” works from here, featuring a jungle like beat, and Kalen talk-singing is unique to the album.

She slows it down in “Neda” with a floating melody, a fading guitar, and a mournful undertone in her voice. “Hit The Road” steps into funk, allowing Kalen to step out into another genre and pull it off flawlessly. “It Takes A Lifetime” showcases her vocal abilities, along with a heavy piano that accompanies the lyrics perfectly. The track also featuring an orchestral background to lift the spirits up.

The impressive ability of Kalen is that her emotion is shown directly from the tone of her voice. She is one of the more unique acts available today, and she has worked hard to get where she is right now. She is an artist in all forms of the word, and hopefully she receives the recognition she deserves. I hope to look forward to more from Kalen in the future. I definitely recommend Fallen From The Sun.

For information to get the album, go to kalenmusic.com.

Kalen – “Rabid Girl”:



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