Reptar 'Body Faucet' Album Review

By Connor Murphy,
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Reptar, the indie-pop band from the little-big college town of Athens, Georgia is an interesting band to say the least. After all, they are named after a fictitious Rugrats dinosaur. Yet with their latest release, Body Faucet, if you’re one to embrace the strange, it is actually quite an enjoyable album.

You may not hear Reptar on the radio, and if you didn’t open this album review, you might never have heard of them, but that doesn’t cut the enthusiasm they bring to their music. Its alternative, electro pop, along with a unique singing style, has all the strange makings for fun music. If you keep your mind open to new sounds, you might find some enjoyment out of Body Faucet. They really are unique.

This album is Reptar’s debut, and it might not be the best album as a whole, however, it’s refreshing to find some original music still. I’m not sure what the first single off the album is, but their single “Houseboat Babies” is the song that found its way to me and really grabbed my attention. “Houseboat Babies” is undeniably the best song on the album, with the typical dance-pop synth in the background along with the unique vocals and chorus to follow.

The album starts off with “Sebastian” which is an alright track. It has an interesting melody along with choir style singing, it proves the uniqueness that Reptar offers. It isn’t till the heart of the album where you can appreciate their sound. These three songs in a row starting with “Orifice Origami,” aforementioned “Houseboat Babies,” and “Natural Bridge,” hold all the power, and show Reptar’s full potential. These are the three tracks I recommend the most.

I like Reptar because they are unique. The band enjoys making the music that they do, and aren’t trying to copy any other musical styles. If you’re willing to embrace a new sound, you might find enjoyment out of them, or you won’t. I give Body Faucet a 2.5 out of 5. It’s not a phenomenal album, and once again, it clearly isn’t for everybody. This is the band’s debut album and I believe they show some potential. I’d encourage giving them a listen.

Reptar – “Houseboat Babies” :



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