Rome 'Dedication' EP Review

By Connor Murphy,
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Rome Ramirez, or better known simply as ‘Rome,' released his debut EP Dedication on June 12, but I haven’t heard about it till now. I think it deserves some recognition. It’s a simple debut EP, but Rome is no amateur.

Rome became the front man of the remaining two members of Sublime in 2011, and released an album Yours Truly with the band under the name Sublime With Rome. They toured playing Sublime covers as well as some new originals. He also assisted The Dirty Heads in writing their single “Lay Me Down” which he is featured in.

Regardless, Rome seems like he’s taking off on his own. I believe the Sublime With Rome situation is falling apart, and even so, Rome has the potential to do just fine if he was to proceed forward as a solo act.

The lead single off of Dedication is “Dedication” and it’s a very good song. The song features a piano, acoustic guitar strums, and Rome’s unique voice that has a hint of raspy-ness but honestly sounds great. The song is about him loving somebody going through a tough time in their life and not being able to help.

The rest of the tracks are all very good as well. They feature Rome and the reggae-surf-rock vibe that generally accompanies his music, and it has all the makings of a solid EP.

Dedication may be short, but it’s a sample of things to come. I hope he comes out with a full length studio album, because I believe he’ll do very well for himself. I genuinely like his music, I recommend this EP, and look forward to see what lies ahead for Rome.

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