Roxx Skullzz Game

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ROXX Rock. Kids can Get on the action with ROXX -- a collectible head-to-head competitive game of skillzz for kids of all ages. ROXX are collectible game pieces featuring unique art in diverse themes and all about the thrill of mastering trixx, collecting, and playing to win RX points through two levels of game play. Play freestyle games using only the ROXX pieces and included TRIXX Cards, or TRIXX play utilizing launchers, play sets and other fun accessories. With the ROXX Skullzz Game, the battle is on and target skillzz are put to the test in this incredibly addictive game. The first player to get all the way through the engaging power play system on the Skullzz Play Mat wins. Each ROXX Skullzz Game includes a Skullzzz Play Mat (36’’ x 36’’), 3 different colored target cups, 6 exclusive Skullzz Game ROXX, and 12 unique TRIXX Cards featuring awesome ROXX TRIXX with varying degrees of difficulty. Series 1 features 72 awesome game pieces (Classic, Rare (clear), and Ultra Rare (holographic)) and a total of 40 collectible TRIXX Cards. The rarer the ROXX - the higher its RX TRIXX value that will surely get kids excited to Launch ‘em, Trade ‘em and Collect ‘em all. The Collector Series Check List included in every pack will allow kids to keep track of their personal ROXX and TRIXX Card Collection. Ages 7+. ROXX will captivate kids with dynamic digital content on Roxxnation.com as well as the mobile app, ROXX Nation Image Station. Both digital platforms will allow kids to store, share, trade, show off their digital collection, and interact safely with other ROXX fans.



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