Say Anything 'Anarchy My Dear' Album Review

By Connor Murphy,
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Say Anything released Anarchy My Dear back in March, but I enjoy this album so much that I wanted to review it. Maybe it will make a Say Anything fan out of you or maybe you’ll just be tempted to listen to an excellent album.

Say Anything is an alternative rock band from Los Angeles. Anarchy My Dear is the band's fifth studio album. In creating this album, the band looked to create a true punk record, given more creative freedom compared to its past albums. However, it’s unique in being a punk-rebel album, yet has the sweet sound of love and hate incorporated into the songs. This tied in with their general rebellious outlook makes for a good listen to the songs.

Noting that Anarchy My Dear certainly isn’t the best album Say Anything has released, it still keeps the ball rolling. The band has come up with some good music and solid albums, even in the events of band members coming and going through personal issues. Singer Max Bemis’s battle with bipolar disorder and drug addiction created a rocky road for Say Anything. Some members left, but through and through, they’ve continued to release very good music, which can somewhat make the band's journey more impressive.

The first two singles off the album are the first two songs on it. “Burn a Miracle” is the traditional Say Anything style of kicking off the album with a song of rebellion, filled with all the angst that Say Anything incorporates so well. The next song, “Say Anything,” is a rebellious love song. It’s Bemis pretty much singing a twisted romantic song of a bunch of crazy things he’d do for the girl he loves.

For fans of their breakout album …Is a Real Boy, Say Anything follows up their popular track “Admit It” with “Admit It Again.” This is basically a follow-up of Bemis ranting against social norms today, and his hateful view toward it, and it really turns out quite enjoyable.

Two other tracks include “Night’s Song” which has a funky feel to it, and one of my personal favorites, “Peace Out.” I like this track because it’s Bemis in a very slow fancy guitar strum, clearly going through a tough time in a relationship, yet growing as a person from it. It is a new style Say Anything doesn’t generally play, but they made a very good song with it.

Essentially, Anarchy My Dear is a good album, not the best from Say Anything, but certainly worth a listen. If you’re new to the band, I strongly encourage looking deeper into their discography, because you might like what you find.

Say Anything – “Say Anything” :



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