'Scandal' Recap: All Roads Lead to Fitz

By Nicole Allen ,
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David met with a man from Doyle energy. The spy told him that Doyle energy had a firewall breach so they hired Citron to fix it, but then the explosion involving Quinn Perkin’s boyfriend happened. After the explosion, the rest of the software was just left open, waiting to be hacked. The other company’s associated do not know that the software is still unprotected. The explosion was the worst thing that could happen.

David was offered his job back after his suspension was lifted under the conditions that he would stop his Olivia pope conspiracy syndrome.

The new scandal at hand involves a former presidential candidate. This particular governor lost to President Fitz during the election. He came home one evening to find his wife being raped by their contractor. The contractor was on top of his wife, and as soon as the wife saw her husband come into the kitchen door; his wife was yelling out Rape! Rape! Rape! The wife was so distraught, the first thing she wanted to do was shower the fifth away.

The audience soon learns that Olivia and this particular governor have history together. He was ten points ahead of President Fitz six weeks before the national election. Olivia took away those points. Olivia framed the governor and that cost him the election.

While Abby and Harrison were left alone in the governor’s house questioning the rest of the contractors. Abby discovers the dead contractors’ hair all over the house in the kitchen, bathroom, pool, etc. This was obvious that the contractor and the wife were having an affair, everywhere in the house.

Olivia confronts the governor and his wife. She asks if the governor knew. The governor said no, he had no intention on killing the contractor because he had no idea the two were having an affair.

Meanwhile, Olivia finds out there are plenty of emails stating that the governor and his wife have been having an affair. At this time, David comes and wants to press charges against the governor. His wife stands up and admits that she lied about the rape. She allows herself to be arrested.

Once David finally gives up and takes down his conspiracy wall, Abby later finds out that that the meeting with David was all a set up. And that he is right there is a conspiracy. Abby then admits that she found out Citron develops software officially for casino slot machines but unofficially for voting polling machines.

Liv finds out that the governor knew all about the affair and that he had a gun delivered a few days before he murdered the contractor. When Liv approaches the governor, he admits that he was going to kill them both and then commit suicide but then she yelled rape, and he thought he would take the opportunity to re-build his political career. The governor now feels that he has finally won.

Cyrus tells Mellie that she is not to comment on anything to any journalist or to the press concerning herself or her perspective on social issues, because by doing so, she takes the attention off of the president. Cyrus threatens her for being defiant.

Huck meets someone, while attending rehab. She is a nice awkward girl, who came on to him and really wanted to go out. Huck asks her out and she accepts. The two go on a date and have a really nice time. The date ends with a passionate kiss.

While visiting the Judge Verna, she says that Hollis gave them their hope and dreams. For example, after President Fitz won the election, she got to serve on the Supreme Court, Mellie became the first lady and Cyrus got to run the country. But the question still lingering is what did Olivia get out of this scandal?



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