Things are Heating up on 'Chicago Fire'

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One man down, one man lost, new man in...that is how we're introduced to Squad 81 on Chicago Fire (Wed. at 10 EST on NBC). Through the first two episodes you get a glimpse of hidden embers in all the main characters. Squad leader (Matthew) Casey, played by Jesse Spencer of 'House' fame, has decided to start over his relationship with ex-fiancee.

His rival in the firehouse, the rescue squad leader Kelly, played by Tailor Kinney, is hiding his shoulder troubles and taking drugs secretly to help the pain. Paramedic Gabriella, played by Monica Raymund of 'Lie to Me', has a hidden crush on the Squad leader. Finally, Candidate Pete, played Charlie Barnett, hides his personal life in order to make an enthusiastic and successful impression on the squad.

Come episodes three and four, we are feeling the burn underneath as we learn more about the characters. Casey’s convictions are being tested after he decides to go against a corrupt cop’s attempt to shield his son’s drunken accident. Casey’s honest report is backed by the Fire Chief but both his and his fiancée’s cars have been mysteriously vandalized. We learn that Kelly has taken the step of consulting a doctor for his shoulder nerve trouble but he can’t decide whether he can be out of work for a year waiting to recover.

It is also revealed that Pete’s family runs a restaurant that needs him and that his mother is not at all happy with his career choice. Oh, the many secrets that are being kept…will they explode in future episodes?



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