Timeflies 'One Night' EP Review

By Connor Murphy,
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Timeflies, the up-and-coming electro-rap duo, recently released their sophomore studio EP, One Night. The #1 album on iTunes as an EP is already impressive enough as their rise to fame. The YouTube sensations established a fan base of subscribers to their talent, covering and remixing popular songs on the airwaves today to step out of the crowd of YouTube acts trying to make it into fame today. Timeflies certainly stands out in that aspect. With One Night, they step into originality and coming up with their own songs. These boys do have some serious talent however.

Timeflies consists of producer Rob Resnick and vocalist Cal Shapiro. Resnick does an excellent job producing top quality sound, and Shapiro has an excellent flow in his rapability, featuring a phenomenal flow and a good singing voice aside. With One Night, I’m not particularly impressed however. I’m not surprised by the success of this EP. Considering the electronica sound that’s taking over the airwaves nowadays, this album fits right in. It’s good for them, since just about every song off of One Night you can imagine finding a lot of popularity in dance clubs. However, and of course it’s my personal opinion, but I wish they showcased Shapiro’s rapping abilities more. They do it well on the track, “Swoon,” and I believe it’s the best song on the EP. Other songs show some life of it here and there, but most of it sounds to muddle itself into another airy group of club-pop songs.

Maybe I’m a sucker for good covers of other songs, such as their excellent rendition of Flo Rida’s “Wild Ones” to close out the EP. I love the covers they released on YouTube, especially the ones where Shapiro free-styles over popular songs of today, it’s really simply awesome. I believe Shapiro’s rapping is the strongsuit of Timeflies and I wish it was utilized more.

One Night is a solid EP regardless, and it clearly isn’t having much trouble finding success. I’m sure they’ll find their way to become more of a household name soon enough, I just hope they stay true to their rise to fame and don’t become another generic club anthem. I give the EP a 2.5 out of 5, but I highly recommend checking out their “Timeflies Tuesdays” video covers. With their potential, I’ll be sure to check out what they come out with next, so keep an eye on these boys.

Timeflies – “Swoon” (Explicit):



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