Toby Keith 'Hope On The Rocks' Album Review

By Connor Murphy,
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Toby Keith released his latest album Hope On The Rocks on October 30. This album comes in as Keith’s impressive sixteenth studio album. Now Keith has put together a great collection of music over the years, but I believe he falls short here.

At first listen to the album as a whole, it just seems forgettable really. Of course there are a couple songs that are the saving grace, and could be listened to individually, but all in all Hope On The Rocks just didn’t impress and I give it a 2 out of 5 stars. This album is your typical Toby Keith, containing drinking, barrooms, and heartbreak, but doesn’t have any real spark.

Now the first single off of the album has found moderate success on country radio already and that single is “I Like Girls That Drink Beer”. Very similar to one of Keith’s previous hits, “Get Drunk and Be Somebody”, the song sounds like the usual from him. It’s another drinking sing-along. I enjoy the song, but it’s been done before.

The next single on the album shares its name with the title of the album “Hope On The Rocks.” It’s a decent song but again it’s nothing too memorable. It holds some depth, written about people in a town each dealing with their own problems and seeking escape at a bar where Toby Keith is the bartender. Lyrically, this is one of the better songs on the album.

The songs off the album I’d suggest outside the two singles is “Haven’t Had A Drink All Day” and “Missed You Just Right”. Everything else finds itself generally bland. “Haven’t Had A Drink All Day” is actually pretty unique. It’s an interesting classic, fast paced, high energy track that is pretty fun to listen to. “Missed You Just Right” is an original song, about heartbreak and moving on. It’s a nice listen. I’d say these two tracks are honestly the best that Hope On The Rocks has to offer.

Toby Keith has found decent success with his last album Clancy’s Tavern but coming just a year later, Hope On The Rocks isn’t a must listen. I’d recommend the few songs I highlighted, but the album as a whole isn’t worth the full listen. However, Toby Keith has proven himself to be a country superstar, and he’s still capable coming out with some hits. It seems like Keith really enjoys what he does and doesn’t intend to retire anytime soon, so look for more from Toby Keith in the future.

Toby Keith – “I Like Girls That Drink Beer”:



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