What Kate Ate: Recipes and other Bits & Pieces

By Alison Schaefer,
By: Katie Quinn Davies
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Commercial food and lifestyle food editor Katie Quinn Davies will have you gnawing at the bits in her book “What Katie Ate: Recipes and other Bits & Pieces.” She blends her two favorite loves of food and photography in a captivating manner.

This is not your typical cookbook. The full page layouts of the exquisite details in the photos, to the scrapbook style background and type-writer font of the recipes will have you turning page after page wanting to try each and every dish right off the page.

Katie lets you dabble and try the wondrous variety of foods from around the globe. From her U.S. inspired Baked Eggs with potato, prosciutto and chili or Apple Ginger and Cranberry Vodka Cocktail to her Irish heritage of Shepherd’s Pie with roasted garlic and cheesy mash topping, or her now hometown of Australia with her mini beef and bacon Aussie meat pies, her recipes give you a taste of a new world right in your own kitchen.

She has a unique way of blending different textures and tastes, like her blending of fruit and spices in her Strawberry Bail and Black Pepper ice cream or her Blood Orange and Rosemary cake.

Katie Quinn Davies does not just capture your attention with the intricate details in her photos, but brings new and fresh ideas to your dining room table that family and friends will be left wondering, “How did they do it?”



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