Zac Brown Band 'Uncaged' Album Review

By Connor Murphy,
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Zac Brown Band is on fire. Upon the release of their third major label studio album Uncaged, these Atlanta boys are becoming the big dogs of country music. Uncaged is just another step up for the band, who seem to just have the world in the palm of their hands.

Uncaged is an awesome album. They aim to please everybody, and find themselves on many ends of the spectrum in musical stylings, but they pull it off so well. From classic country, they find themselves entering the waters of reggae, and even R & B. Almost every song can be released as a single, and I simply love it. I’m giving the album 5 out of 5 stars. I believe this album deserves a track by track review.

“Jump Right In” does exactly what the title implies. Kicking off Uncaged, you find the Zac Brown Band pulling you right into the album with this island style song. With powerful vocals, and easily danceable, the band does great things setting up the sound of paradise.

“Uncaged” sets the tone for the album. With the album named after it, this song has a great vibe to it. With the “finally-free” atmosphere, amped up guitars that speak without words, and Zac Brown just breaking free from any chains with this tune. Incorporating a nice drum solo breakdown, a powerful guitar melody and vocals, it’s easy to see why the album is named after the song.

“Goodbye In Her Eyes” is the latest single off of Uncaged. Zac Brown Band tones it down with this heartbreaker. The crushing feeling of a breakup is set through the lyrics, and a soulful violin alongside Zac Brown's excellent vocal range really helps you feel the pain in the song. This song is a nice breakdown in the album, and stands out as one of the best songs off Uncaged.

“The Wind” is the first single off of Uncaged, and for good reason. This song is simply awesome, and displays just how talented every member of the band really is. A sizzling acoustic and electric guitar, a quick up tempo track, great lyrics, and a furious violin breakdown, this is one of the better songs Zac Brown Band has ever released. Listen to this song, and you’ll love the band. Easily the best song on the album, and it's fun!

Zac Brown Band then takes a step back into paradise again with “Island Song." Setting the vibe of a Jimmy Buffet style song, a funky bass groove, and a reggae melody, this isn’t your typical Zac Brown Band, but it's still highly enjoyable. It’ll put your mind off to a beach somewhere.

“Sweet Annie” is another step down in the album, but it might get overlooked because it is a very good song. It's a story of just feeling worn down, and wanting nothing more than to just sit at home with a sweetheart. This track is one of the more heart-felt songs available on Uncaged. It has a folk vibe, but it could be a song that could prove to be one of Zac Brown Band’s more memorable ones through time.

“Natural Disaster” is one of the best songs on the album. This is definitely one of my favorite Zac Brown Band songs all around right now. The band takes the listener on a musical journey here, a roller-coaster of a song in a way. This track starts off slow and soulful, then picks the beat up, and really runs away with it halfway through. The band culminates country, rock, as well as bluegrass into this phenomenal track.

Zac Brown Band proceeds to break it down with an R&B track with “Overnight.” This is a big step in a new direction for the band. Featuring Trombone Shorty, this song is a love-making song in every aspect. This song was completely unexpected from me by the band, but even when trying out something new, they still pull it off so well.

“Lance’s Song” hits close to home for the band. This beautiful piece of music is written as a tribute to Lance Tilton, a former drummer and friend of the band. It’s a nice slow reflective song.

“The Day That I Die” is the story of simply doing what you want in life without any regrets. I enjoy this song a lot, simply because the subject matter on the broad spectrum of life is important. It’s a feel-good song, which also ties along with the theme of the album to be free. This song also features Amos Lee.

“Last But Not Least” closes out Uncaged. This is a great song to end the album with. The content is a ballad of the singer feeling like he left somebody important behind while trying to please everybody. This is an underrated song off the album, and I didn’t even appreciate till writing this now. The song finds a lot of emotion, and stands out as very heartfelt. You really feel for the person in the song.

Zac Brown Band seems untouchable right now. All members are extremely talented in their craft, and along with having fantastic lyrics molded all together make this phenomenal album Uncaged. The capability of touching into different genres and still being able to pull it off is unprecedented. I believe this album is a must listen. This is one of the most complete albums I’ve heard in a long time, and if you may not be a fan of the Zac Brown Band, you just might be after listening.



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