Zooma Splat X Smack Shot

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Kids of all ages are going to want to get in on the Ammo Action. The Zooma Splat X Smack Shot (winner of Parenting Magazine's Best Toys in Play 2012 at New York Toy Fair 2012) is a bright colored launcher which propels two kinds of dynamically designed gummy ammo known as the Performance Strike Shotz and Sticky Strike Shotz for awesome launching powers. Splat X Smack Shot, shaped like the opening of a shark’s mouth has a built-in LED target locator for excellent aim control. Simply place the ammo’s loops onto the teeth of the Smack Shot which activates the LED target locator, aim, launch and watch the Strike Shotz zoom away. Kids and adults will not be able to put it down. The Performance Strike Shotz will launch up to an amazing 100 feet and make a whistling noise as it flies through the air. The Sticky Strike Shotz will launch up to 75 feet and stick to any hard service and then slowly crawl its way down. The Smack Shot is great for parties, competitions, and hysterical fun for friends and the entire family. The Smack Shot includes 3 Performance and 3 Sticky Strike Shotz. Cell batteries are included with purchase. Ages 8+.

Product Features

  • Launches soft gummy ammo
  • LED Target locator
  • Safe soft ammo
  • Can launch up to 75'


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