The Dirty Heads 'Cabin By The Sea' Album Review

By Connor Murphy,
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Sometimes on cold weather days in the middle of winter, it helps to listen to some summertime music and imagine yourself away at a beach somewhere. Well, The Dirty Heads make music perfect for that situation. This acoustic reggae rock band released its second studio album Cabin By The Sea and they kept the solid surf-jams coming.

The band consists of Jared “Dirty J” Watson and Dustin “Duddy B” Bushnell on guitar and vocals, Jon Olazabal on percussions, Matt Ochoa on drums, and David Foral on bass guitar. Their roots are clearly seen in their music. The Dirty Heads offer up a nice acoustic beach strum, but then they’ll include their rapping styles to accompany the melody, and make some unique music out of it. I’ve been a fan, and they certainly don’t disappoint with Cabin By The Sea.

The album has released two singles off the album in “Spread Too Thin” and “Dance All Night (Ft. Matisyahu)” and these aren’t even the best songs on the album (not to knock these songs, just attributing how well the other hidden gems that are offered here). Some other key songs include the title track “Cabin By The Sea,” which displays that solid beach music that they can come out with, “Mongo Push” and “Smoke Rings,” which are two of the more unique songs that stray away from the relaxing beach theme, but showcase the rap skills that they have in their holster and man, it’s awesome. “Disguise” which I feel the acoustic reggae along with the combo of the quick hip-hop vocals along with a nice melodic chorus really show the true identity of The Dirty Heads. Two of my personal favorites are held towards till the end of the album. These songs are “We Will Rise” offering a simply awesome groove, and “Best Of Us,” a fun, dirty, love song. Not a love song that you’ll hear over the radio, but that’s simply because it’s better than most love songs on the radio.

This is one of the more complete albums offered up today. The unique sound of The Dirty Heads will flow through this album in no-time. They intro and outro the songs well by inviting the beach theme acoustic laden sound, and then fade it away with some solo guitar and waves crashing at the end. All the while by giving up the same original Dirty Heads sound, while even mixing it up a little here and there, but never straying away from their true sound. The album features guests such as Matisyahu, Kymani Marley, Rome, and Del The Funky Homosapien.

All in all, I recommend this album. If you haven’t listened to The Dirty Heads before, I certainly advise you to take a listen here on Cabin By The Sea as well as their debut album Any Port In A Storm and I’m sure you’ll be hooked. I look forward to much more music to hopefully eventually come from The Dirty Heads, and I know I’ll try to attend a live show. The Dirty Heads are simply awesome.

The Dirty Heads (Ft. Matisyahu) – “Dance All Night”:



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