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By Connor Murphy,
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Indie-pop band Fun. has released their sophomore album Some Nights, and I can easily say that I love it. This band is one of the more refreshing sounds in music today, and this album is one of the best of the year.

Fun. consists of former The Format member, Nate Reuss, Jack Antonoff of Steel Train, and Andrew Dost of Anathallo, to create one of the best musical acts on the airwaves. While Nate Reuss is the frontman of the band, with his incredible voice, really one of the better ones I’ve heard in a long time, Antonoff and Dost step up with awesome instrumental abilities and backup vocals. Fun. offers a truly unique sound, phenomenal lyrics, and just a grand sound that is impossible to mimic.

Some Nights has turned out to be a huge commercial success, kicking off with their lead single “We Are Young” featuring Janelle Monae to toss Fun. to the top of the charts. The track was featured through commercials and took over the radio allowing “We Are Young” to sit pretty at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for six weeks in a row, also ranking in over three million digital downloads. This was only the start. The album debuted at number three on the Billboard 200 with 70,000 copies sold in its opening week and 658,000 copies as of October. These numbers are incredibly impressive considering the band’s debut album Aim and Ignite (which is another phenomenal album) wasn’t as successful commercially.

To get to the music, I doubt many people can go by without hearing “We Are Young,” the song is everywhere, but it never gets old to me. Blowing my mind at first listen, it’s a breakthrough song in every sense. It starts off slow, lulls you in, and then drops a mean electro melody for the band to sing along. It raises the bar for modern music.

The second single is the title track, “Some Nights” which doesn’t let down. In fact it builds off and matches the grandeur that “We Are Young” put in place. The choir style of backup vocals, along with Reuss’ powerful pitch is eye-brow raising. This song is real easy to jam out to, and gives you a good look at what Fun. is capable of.

The third single hasn’t reached as much attention as it should in “Carry On.” It starts off slow with a light strum and piano key, and just raises the tempo just as the uplifting lyrics grow. I love this song, and it’s really empowering in a way, urging the listener to keep looking forward even in real tough times.

The impressive thing is these tracks all to follow each other to kick off the album. That may be the one little quip about Some Nights, is that it starts off with such power, and raises the bar high for the second half of the album and it struggles to keep up a little. However, that may sound negative, but that’s how good the album is, it’s full of excellent songs, each a little more unique than the next, but they all build off each other perfectly.

I can’t rant about this album enough because it deserves to be listened in its entirety. This album gets a 4.5 out of 5 from me, I love it. Fun. is here to stay. Reuss' vocals are mesmerizing, and the lyrics are surprisingly effective. The album itself lyrically has a down-trodden vibe, while uplifting the message by incorporating hope, but they manage to make it sound like one of the most exciting, happy albums around. They were also unique in hiring a hip-hop producer to assist in Some Nights, and it’s incorporated into the sound. Fun. may be as original of a band as you’ll see.

Although Fun. set the bar very high with Some Nights, I can’t wait to see what they might manage to come out with next, whatever it may be, it’ll be highly anticipated, and I can guarantee it won’t let down.

I highly recommend Some Nights. On that note, I highly recommend their debut album Aim and Ignite as well. I can’t praise the band enough, but if you give them a listen, you’ll see why.



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