Green Day 'Tre!' Album Review

By Connor Murphy,
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Green Day is finishing up their recent trilogy of releases with Tre! set to release on December 11. It may be my personal opinion, but I feel this is the worst album of the trilogy. Uno! was okay, a little pop, but had its moments, Dos! I was a big fan of, definitely the best of the three, it set up a lot of anticipation for me to hear what Tre! had to offer and it simply fell short of expectations.

Listening through this album, it has the same vibe that a good portion of Uno! offered. Just some bland rock songs, nothing too standout. The only real standouts on the album include a piano ballad in “The Forgotten” which was released as the single way back to November 11. It’s something different from the band but it just doesn’t really hook me when I hear it.

The bright spot of this album has to fall onto the track “Dirty Rotten Bastards.” This song is an awesome gritty rock-along song. It may not be too deep but it’s enjoyable, and very high energy. In a bland album, this track stands out. It’s fun to listen to, and offers some solid solos from Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt.

Other notable decent tracks may be found in “X-Kid” and “Sex, Drugs & Violence,” but even those aren’t too standout.

I can’t say much more about the album, I’m a little let down. Not to take anything away from Green Day, they can really do whatever they want this far down the road of stardom and still sell. Tre! is the band's 11th studio album, and Green Day has such a wide variety of a fan base that this album will find a home in many a fan’s hearts, just not this one.

I say give it a listen regardless. Green Day is Green Day, you know what you’re getting most of the time. You may find interest in it, but I’d say really the only song you might need to hear off the album is “Dirty Rotten Bastards.” I still highly recommend Dos!, and Uno! is worth a listen. To come out with so much music in such a short span of time, it has to fall into weaker space at some point. However, it seems like Green Day’s never done, and I’m glad, and I look forward to what they eventually come out with next, but with personal troubles of members, it may not be for a while. I love Green Day, I don’t love Tre!.

Green Day – “Dirty Rotten Bastards”:



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