Kelly Clarkson "Greatest Hits: Chapter One"

By Lisa Christensen,
See if Kelly Clarkson's Greatest Hits CD really had the hits or not.
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Can you believe that it has already been ten years since Kelly Clarkson has been crowned the very first American Idol? Well it has so that means it's time for her to release a Greatest Hit's album called Greatest Hits: Chapter One. Let's see if this Greatest Hits cd really has her hits or all they really all misses.

1. Since U Been Gone
This song was her second single of the Grammy winning album Breakaway. Right away when the guitars start on this song you can tell it's going to be a song that people right away start jumping around and singing to. This ended up because a song that every girl would put on when a good break up would happen in there life. I'm glad this song is on this record because this really got Kelly's name out there to everyone and showed her vocal skills when the chorus comes in. This song is really hard for any good singer to do and she just nailed it and even in a concert live she nails it every time.

2. My Life Would Suck Without You
This is was her first single of the album called All I Ever Wanted. The thing I don't like about this song is it sounds almost just like Since U Been Gone but again I just can't help but love this song. She again nails the vocals and there is one part in the song where you can hear how they paned the drums so it sounds like it moves from one side of your head to the other. That is really my favorite part of this song.

3. Miss Independent
This was her first single off her debut album called Thankful. This song was written by Christina Aguilera and was meant for her album "Stripped" but did not make it. This song was also helped Kelly get nominated for Best Female Pop Vocal performance. Whenever I heard this song I always felt it never belonged to Kelly. The music to this song just isn't what Kelly is known for. But when she sings it live the music is different and fits Kelly a lot more than the original music.

4. Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)
This is the second single off her Fifth album called Stronger. This song has been the biggest hit from that album when it was on the Billboard hot 100 for three non-consecutive weeks. There was also a youtube video of this song made by patiences dealing with cancer that Kelly has actually watched and said is very moving. When I first heard this song I loved it. The lyrics them self have a lot of meaning that everyone can relate to. It's also nice that it's kind of a dance track that you can get up and just move with it and shout to the world the chorus of the song.

5. Behind These Hazel Eyes
This was her second single off the Breakaway album. This album is the start of Kelly starting to write her songs and you start to get to know the singer. The guitars in this song are dead on with the lyrics and the vocals are again amazing! She does a great job harmonizing and hitting those high notes.

6. Because of You
This was the fourth single off the Breakaway album (I like to say this album is the one that made Kelly a house hold name). This song meant a lot to Kelly because it talks about her past growing up in a divorced home and not wanting that for her future. She said she went to her parents first to make sure they were okay with her doing this as a single. This song again has a lot of emotion in just the lyrics alone. But the piano is just right also with the strings that are used in this song. You can also tell the emotion that is on her voice towards the end of the song. This song I feel is another that everyone can relate to in some way.

7. Never Again
This was her first single of her My December album which was her third studio album and had a lot of controversy with it. This album was pretty much written by the singer and has a lot of darker theme. You can tell right away that this song has a lot of anger behind it when the guitars start. She talks about a cheating boyfriend who ends up marring his mistress. She just puts it all out on the table with this song. It's another breakup song that I'm sure we have put on and just started to sing along with. I love this song because again the vocals are right on and I just fell in love with it the first time I heard it.

8. Already Gone
This was the third single of the album All I Ever Wanted. There was some issues with the song because it sound similar to Beyonce's Halo. Both of these songs where produced by Ryan Tedder. I'm actually not happy that this song is on here. I feel like this wasn't one of her best singles that came out. The vocals are dead on like normal but there is just something I feel that is missing. The one thing I do love about this song is that they have a bunch of sting instruments in it. That is hard to find in songs now days and I think that singers that add them know how much it adds to a song. But even with all of the good in this song I feel like it wasn't the best one.

9. Mr. Know It All
This was the first single off her Stronger album. There was two versions of this song released there was this version which is a pop version and there was a country version. I do like the lyrics of this song but I feel like her vocals are not there. I also feel like there is something missing from it. That is probably why this single did not do so well on the charts compared to Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You).

10. Breakaway
This song was the first single of the Grammy Winning Album Breakaway and was also featured in the Disney film The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. This was a huge commercial success with being number one for 28 weeks on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Audience Chart. This song I feel is little bit more acoustic. The guitars in this song are not electric they are acoustic and everything about this song feels right. The vocals are dead on and the lyrics I feel is something that everyone can relate to. Also when you get to the chorus this is a song where someone can put up there lighters and go back and forth singing with.

11. Don't You Wanna Stay (With Jason Aldean)
This is the start of Kelly turning a little country (which personally I think she's amazing at). She recorded this song with Jason Aldean for his album called My Kinda Party that was released in November 2010. The song starts off with Aldean doing the the first verse and Kelly comes in when the chorus starts and nails it. Both vocals together sound amazing and with her hitting the high notes right one it makes the song. To be honest her voice sounds like it was meant for country.

12. Walk Away
This was her final single off her Breakaway album. This song right away makes me want to get up and dance. It starts with the guitars and then she comes in with vocals. It is one you also want to join in singing. The lyrics is also another one where I think we all can relate to because I listen to this and I can say wow I've thought about saying this to someone. It's another pop hit that you can't help but love.

13. Catch My Breath
This is a new song on the album that I loved right away. It's a more slower fast pace song that I feel you can tell how she has grown with her vocals and her lyric writing. It also tells how she has grown up. When I heard this song I felt like she had another hit on her hand. I also like how the guitars in this song are softer then normal.

14. People Like Us
This is another new song on the album but Kelly did not write it. This is a different song then most of hers because it actually starts off with her talking then singing. This is one I feel like a lot of young adults will relate to with the lyrics. Again the guitars are not heavy on this song so you can really hear all of her vocals which is a nice change. Typical Kelly has the chorus where everyone can join in and get up and dance. Which trust me is not a bad thing.

15. Don't Rush (Featuring Vince Gill)
This is another country song featuring Vince Gill who is very well known in the country music. The song starts off with a country twang to it and everything about the music you can tell is country. Again her voice is perfect for this genre in music I'm really hoping that her next album is country one. The only thing about this song I did not like is that there really wasn't much Vince Gill in it and when he was singing you couldn't really hear him. But over all this was a very good new song.

16. A Moment Like This
This was her wining song for American Idol. I was going to think they would put this on her Greatest Hits CD because this is how she got where she is. You can tell this is where she is just starting out because the vocals aren't that great and the production on this song I feel was lacking. But it's a great song for her to start her career with.

17. I'll be Home For Christmas
This song is a good version of it but it throws off the whole album for me. And when I listen to this when it isn't the holiday season it's really going to throw me off. I do like how it has a jazzy feel to it and her vocals are dead on. Let's hope that she does release a holiday album sometime soon.

Now if you are a hard core Kelly Clarkson fan this is your go to CD because it has a lot of her best work on it along with some new songs. Now even if you aren't a hard core fan you need to get this. Because this is a album that you won't find yourself skipping a track. It also helps that this album has three new songs that are good.



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