Lwam 'Carousel Love' Single Review

By Connor Murphy,
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Lwam is an up and coming indie singer with a touch of soul. She is making a name for herself too, especially with the release of her newest single "Carousel Love" in anticipation of her newest EP expected for release in early 2013. She offers a refreshing delicate singing voice that pulls you into her music.

She has garnered attention and built a fan base with over half a million views from her Youtube channel, her debut self-released EP Smile, and with being recently featured on Snoop Dogg’s Ladies First mix tape.

“Carousel Love” features Lwam singing along a light acoustic strum, singing of getting caught in a relationship through breakups and up and downs, winding up in the same spot, going in circles like a carousel. It’s a very sweet yet simple song, and I enjoy it a lot.

While gaining popularity into the mainstream world, I enjoy her music, and I wish her the best of luck. I recommend her single "Carousel Love" and look forward to what she comes out with on her newest EP. Look for good things to come for Lwam.

Lwam’s “Carousel Love” is available on iTunes here.

Lwam – “Carousel Love”:



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