Pinypon Caravan playset

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Kids love Pinypon, the mini-dolls with swappable hair, dresses and accessories! Now your child can take her Pinypon on a road adventure with the Pinypon Caravan playset.

This super cool caravan comes completely loaded with more than 30 accessories for hours of playtime fun! In addition to a Pinypon figure, it comes with everything your Pinypon needs for a real road adventure including a surf board, picnic table, swimming pool, and a pet for company. Your Pinypon won't have to give up the comforts of home, either. The caravan also comes equipped with a shower and magic mirror!

The Pinypon Caravan playset makes a great gift for the holidays. Kids will love the endless adventures they can create with Pinypon. Moms and dads will enjoy the portability and ease of storage of the playset. Plus, many of the accessories are attached to playset so you won't lose pieces.

Get the Pinypon Caravan playset for just $26.99.



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