Review: "Godsent" by Richard Burton

By John Neal,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

“Godsent” is a thriller by Richard Burton that is being pitched as in the vein of “The DaVinci Code”. The only thing it has in common with Dan Brown’s bestseller is an element of Catholic conspiracy. “The DaVinci Code” may have sold a whole lot more copies, but “Godsent” is in many ways a superior story.

Kate Skylar is 17, a devout Catholic, a virgin … and pregnant. She thinks she is carrying the Son of God, but the Church thinks her child is the Antichrist and sends assassins after him. She dedicates her life protecting her son, Ethan, by keeping him in the dark about his birth. What she can’t conceal is her son’s abilities to perform certain miracles that undoubtedly raise questions and suspicions. She also gets help from a secret society called the Conversatio which is dedicated to the Second Coming but may have their own dark agenda.

Whereas Robert Langdon, the scholarly hero of Dan Brown’s novels, was a one-dimensional character - he always came up with the right solutions at the right time and his behavior was unremarkable - Kate Skylar is full of doubts and emotions like a real person. She is wavering in her faith at times, and she doesn’t always make the right decisions. Her mistakes not only cause her setbacks but make her a more developed character and one we can all relate to.

Beside the complexity of the main character, “Godsent” is just plain entertaining. Burton uses clear, concise language to tell his story and moves it along at a brisk pace. The descriptions are elegant without being overbearing. The most important element of his story are his people and he treats them accordingly. He could have gone a little easier on the Catholic guilt that weighs down parts of his story, but it’s an essential part of Kate’s persona.



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