'Scandal' Recap: “Happy Birthday, Mr. President”

By Nicole Allen,
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President Fitzgerald is not dead, he is in the hospital in critical condition. Vice President, Sally, immediately tries to seal her seat as the first female President. She speaks to the press and assures them that she is okay and safe within the walls of the White House. Cyrus wants security to take her to an assigned safe house to be in a secret place, but Sally adamantly refuses.

In the mist of the chaos, Olivia stepped in and got right back to the swing of work in the White House. Her coming back during this time displayed her patriotism and passionate love for President Fitzgerald. Olivia prepares to organize the White House from the top to the bottom while President Fitzgerald recovers. She ties up all lose strings and the White House administration appears to the public to have it all together.

Back when Fitz was first elected; Olivia gave him a rare pin that President Eisenhower used to wear. It only has 48 stars. On the floor in the hospital, Olivia sees the American Flag pin she gave President Fitzgerald. After all of this time, he still wears it and was wearing it when he got shot. It must have dropped off his jacket. This triggers Olivia’s flashbacks of when the president was first sworn in.

Olivia doesn’t go to the inaugural ball, instead she watches President Fitzgerald and his beautiful, elegant wife dance on television. But before the night is over, the President saves one last dance for her in the Oval room of the White House. The two are playful and happy. They kiss passionately in his office. Olivia coming to her senses, pushes him off of her. Fitz admits that they cannot stop. He says: “you’re the most important person in my life, I cannot just stop, can you?” Then Olivia submits to the temptation. The two make love on the office desk.

Shortly after, President Fitzgerald learns that surveillance cameras are all over The White House. The two resort to Camp David. They have the perfect business and pleasure relationship, then Mellie finds out the two have been spending a lot of private time together. She lets Olivia know that she is aware of the two of them. Olivia decides that she does not want to be his black mistress anymore. For the first time race becomes a factor in their relationship.

Another flashback arises; it is a meeting with the judge before she got her seat in the Supreme Court. She mentions that she “ lost all of her integrity to get Fitz into office” and that she wants that seat. She forces Olivia and Cyrus to make that happen. As a result, Cyrus leaks a story to his boyfriend at the time James. This leaked the Vice President nominee as a juvenile criminal, making the judge a shoe in for the seat.

A call came in to the White House from a Jesse Tyler about voting irregularities in Ohio. He was a Citron employer. Olivia immediately handles it and calls Richard Huck and Hollis Doyle.

After Olivia meets with Hollis Doyle and shares information with him about the phone call she received. He immediately takes control and the results are fatal. Olivia soon finds out that Hollis Doyle was responsible for the explosion that killed seven office employees. Doyle refers to them as “collateral damage.” Furthermore, he plans on pinning the murder on Lindsey a.k.a Quinn.

The episode ends with Vice President Sally being sworn in as the First Madame president.

The FBI issued an alert of a description of the suspect who shot the President. That person is Huck. He becomes the most wanted man in America and America’s most wanted enemy.



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