'Scandal' Recap: Spies Like Us

By Nicole Allen,
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Robert Brooks A.K.A Crosby sends a letter to Olivia and then kills himself. He made his suicide a public statement, subliminally exposing that it was not a murder or a “hit."

Olivia finally went out with the senator, the two laugh and talk politics on their second date. The date was great. Lovely, even though Olivia still doesn’t invite the senator inside.

Olivia listens to David and Abby’s conversation. The two are getting close. Abby is awarded with a sleeping drawer at his house. How sweet? This must mean they are serious, right?

Worrying about their relationship causes Olivia to become distant. She is spending more and more time in her office thinking. Harrison addresses her and the “weirdness” that continues to go on in the office. Olivia, distant at first, tells him David and Abby cannot be together. As a result, Harrison pays off one of David’s ex-girlfriends Theresa. Theresa tells Abby that David beat her severely. Abby believes her and takes her seriously. This sends Abby packing from David’s house and back into Olivia’s arms. Their relationship is over for now, however, it does not mean that David has given up on the Doyle case. He uses James’ front page article to continue his Olivia obsession wall all over again.

Someone is getting laid, oh its Huck! Huck and his date Rebecca Flynn heated things up in the bedroom and woke up together. Huck awakes when she goes to the bathroom and takes pictures of all of her major credit cards, bank cards, and license. He also takes a screenshot of her recent call log. All of which were unknown numbers..Hmmm, do we trust Rebecca yet? The jury is still out on her, clearly Huck feels the same way.

Meanwhile in Cyrus land, James writes a new article on Hollis Doyle; an alluring and captivating article that lands him a spot on the front page. It screams READ ME AMERICA!!! James uses his connections to write articles about Hollis Doyle. In the article, James mentions quotes from a senior White House official, who is clearly his husband Cyrus. Cyrus forbids him, but of course he disobeys. This leads to a heart to heart with James, causing James to agree to never write about Doyle anymore.

Olivia opens up the mystery package from Crosby. It contains a check for $100, 000 and sheet music. However, this isn't your normal Mozart. Huck analyzes and tells Olivia that it is giving her instructions to protect the spies. Even Huck himself is included in the code.

Huck explains that he was a part of a top secret CIA operation named B6 13. B6 13 was an operation where Huck and five other spies did horrible, exterminating things in the name of national security. It was off the books.

The team gets started in tracking down the person who allegedly wants to leak this project out to the media. His name is Nigel.

Nigel was once reported dead but he was just underground, keeping it low key. Nigel plans to expose the blood on the hands of the six participants of B6 13. Nigel claims: “this revelation about government corruption deserves the public attention."

Olivia believes that Crosby is bluffing. If he really had the information already to leak to the public, why hasn't he leaked it yet?

Olivia asks Huck to get all of the spies together. He does this by using the radio. This is how spies communicate. They listen through the radio because it is a safe haven and cannot be hacked.

The spies from B6 13 file into the office one by one, incognito.

Wink: Mother of three, goes by the name Maggie Andrews. Huck calls her wink because she is a phenomenal sniper, every time he saw her she had one eye closed.

Paul Gray: Gray can speak 17 languages and knows over 70 ways to kill a person. He is now a professor in upstate New York and is divorced.

Melvin Fein: Fein is now a doctor. He can go days without sleep, but his real talent is that he knows exactly how much pain a person can tolerate before he kills them. He makes a phone call to a patient concerning a prescription.

Betsy Ray: She had a bed and breakfast. Her nickname is matches. Clearly, she sets things on fire. Her talent is, no matter what the target is, Betsy has a way of making everything and anything look like an accident.

Charlie: No one knows what he has been up to. Blah.

Shortly after they all settled in, they began accusing one another for what was happening. Quinn turned her back for a second to answer Olivia’s phone call. When she turned back around, it was World War III in the room with the spies. All six professional assassins had their guns out and pointed towards one another. Harrison, the charismatic one, immediately entered the room and reminded them all that Olivia will help them and fix everything. They reluctantly dropped their guns.

While meeting with Nigel’s attorney, Olivia discovered that a payment was wired to Nigel from a Swiss bank account. Olivia gives Huck the numbers. Huck automatically realizes that the prescription Melvin the doctor gave over the phone was in fact the same numbers and letters of the Swiss bank account. He is the mole.

Maggie the Wink wastes no time in killing him, one shot in the head, to get back to her three kids and her “normal life." The killers join in, in cleaning up the murder. Then they disperse.

Huck is left there inaudibly paralyzed and thinking the whole time.
Back at home, Olivia finally allows the senator in. Maybe a relationship will form again? Or will this be the beginning of a new political scandal?



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