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Meet Zylie, the fun, new teddy bear that's designed to be dressed and played with like a doll. She is an inquisitive and fashionable 12-year-old bear from Manhattan. Follow her on a series of adventures all around the world. Every country she visits, she meets a new friend who joins her on the adventures. Her first adventure takes her to China, where she meets Shen the Panda.

Zylie is a jointed 18" plush bear and comes dressed to impress in her signature skinny jeans, flounce top and beautifully detailed cream-colored swing jacket. She's carrying a hip orange bag that comes complete with her diary, map and all-important passport.

Get to know Zylie, her brother Theo and their wacky adventures by reading her first book, The Adventures of Zylie the Bear New York (also included). Zylie loves to accessorize. Collect all three of her beautiful outfits “Down the Pleated Path”, “My Fair Linen” and “Going Geometric” (all sold separately). Also sold separately is Zylie's friend, Shen the Panda. Shen comes complete with the second book in Zylie's adventure series, The adventures of Zylie the Bear, China. Join the adventure today.

Product Features:

  • 18" jointed bear with fashionable clothes and accessories
  • Comes with signature flounce top, skinny jeans and white coat
  • Kit also includes Zylie orange tote, complete with her map, diary and passport
  • First book in the Zylie adventure series included


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