Angel Haze's 'Reservation'

By Ashley Houk,
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Nominated for MTV's Brand New for 2013 award, Angel Haze enters the hip-hop scene with her first full length album Reservation. With female contemporaries like Nicki Minaj and Azealia Banks running the show, listeners of Haze are in for a surprise. A pleasant one.

While she claims in “Hot Like Fire” that she doesn’t write love songs, there are several tracks in that vein—this being one of them. Her love songs aren't what we would normally think of. She’s not heartbroken or pining. One thing Angel does throughout is keep it real.

In the opening track, “This Is Me,” and the later, “Castle on a Cloud,” she gives a glimpse of the real Angel Haze. In these songs, she tells a clear story of struggle and hope. All the time laying straight forward, no frills lyrics over even percussion beats.

There might not be a lot of tonal ups and downs, like mainstream money makers listeners might be used to, but that doesn’t stop Angel Haze. It’s as if the hip-hop chops of Missy Elliott have been melded together with the more femme Aaliyah to create this #1 real bitch.

Anyone who thinks Angel Haze can't keep up with the Minajs' and Banks' of the world, has another thing coming. While she presents herself in a more freestyle manner, she can rap just as fast as her female colleagues and as hard as the males. For fans of old school hip-hop, Angel Haze is a must.

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