Anya Parker-Lentz 'The Giving' Album Review

By Connor Murphy,
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Anya Parker-Lentz is your typical 16-year-old girl from New Jersey with a knack for piano and a good voice with a bright future. This is her in a nut-shell. She opens herself up with The Giving. Parker-Lentz manages to let her teenage self through her music, as well as hints of artistic depth. She's put some time forward to touring and playing her music to some crowds as well as fundraiser's, she looks to take a step forward with this debut EP.

The Giving is Parker-Lentz own personal take of love, loss, and imagination. The seven song EP opens by taking the listener to abright and poppy first couple tracks. The lyric's don't quite stick, but it seems like a good base for her to build from. Parker-Lentz is good with her weapon of choice, the piano, and her singing floating over the music could find some success.

What was interesting was after the first three tracks, the songs seem to fall into the dark and deeper end. The Giving features a couple interesting tracks in "The Giving" and "Wake Up Alice." These two tracks because they are based off of literature. "The Giving" is based off of The Giving Tree children's book by Shel Silverstein. It makes the song more fun to listen to because most are aware of "The Giving Tree" story so it becomes a theme song of course. On the other side, when Parker-Lentz sings it, she does it well. Well enough that if you weren't aware of the story, it would seem like her own creative story and song. I give her credit here, I like the track.

"Wake Up Alice" is based from Lewis Carroll's imaginative Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. References are heard throughout the lyrics along with a sort of twisted melody tie well together and could pose as the image of the complications of the angst of a teenage girl such as Parker-Lentz herself. From there, the tracks remain original, but I feel they don't stand out as well.

I think Anya Parker-Lentz has plenty of potential. More particularly because she was able to come out with this EP at the age of sixteen, which means she still has growing to do as a person and artist. She'll have more experiences to tie in and inspire lyrics, as well as blossom as a person. She's accomplished plenty so far, and sparks of an old soul pop into the music here and there; she's capable of achieving a brighter future through her music. Keep an eye out for her music.

The complete The Giving album is available through iTunes.

Anya Parker-Lentz - "The Giving":



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