Baby Bee's self-titled EP

By Ashley Houk,
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Baby Bee, a paired down rock duo, isn't a group of newcomers to the music industry. After forming the Sons of William, the brothers took a short hiatus from touring and making music. But, they’re back with a new sound.

Brothers Joe and David Stark, of Baby Bee, will release their first self titled EP with Republic Records early this year.

With a long list of experience and musical influences, listeners of Baby Bee can expect heavy percussion and classic rock guitar riffs.

The EP is full of strong vocals reminiscent of Kings of Leon, circa 2003. The boys pull genres like surf rock together with the honky-tonk feel of southern rock to create tunes that will make fans want to dance. Yet, there’s a throwback feel that engages a sense of nostalgia.

Regardless of where inspiration is drawn from, one thing is for sure: Baby Bee is here to have a good time while they can! And they think you should too, so join ‘em.



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