Belmont Lights 'Telegraphs' EP Review

By Connor Murphy,
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Belmont Lights released their debut EP Telegraphs this past summer. Spending the past couple of years touring the West Coast as “The Pennant,” Belmont Lights is ready to take to mainstream, fitting in with bands all over.

The EP is actually quite good and personally exceeded my expectations. At first, the band draws comparisons to an existing sound such as The Fray. The songs aren’t over-complicated in relation to instrumentals and they offer a sound that has been heard before. This leaves Belmont Lights not necessarily unique, but has potential to achieve some success in the music industry.

The five song Telegraphs manages to vary across the board in the many variances of pop music today. They reach the grand choruses with piano accompaniment, to slower ballad style tracks. Lead singer Isiah Blas' vocals seem to be the highlight of the band, but he’s supported throughout by a moderate melody. The accompanying instruments elevate the vocals and lyrics to carry it up to the mainstream level. They make each song noticeably different to showcase what Belmont Lights is capable of. Each song tells a different story through the instrumentals as well as the lyrics.

I believe Telegraphs is a good beginning. If they can turn this EP into a full length album without dragging out the same sound, they could find some decent success. With that said, their music’s been heard before, and it will be heard again. Give them a listen, but they won’t surprise you. I suggest keeping an eye out to see how they can follow this up, but not for much else.

Belmont Lights – “Halfway”:



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