Caspa Presents Dubstep Sessions

By Drew Barile,
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Caspa is the stage name of Gary McCann. He is a dubstep artist and music producer from London. Britain. Caspa famous for his hard hitting bass, and never being "bro-step." Caspa known also for being featured on HALO 4's remix album. Caspa recently released another album, titled: Caspa Presents Dubstep Sessions.

Dubstep, with its traditional bass vibe, is still popular in the UK. Caspa has always been in the spotlight for his unique approach to dub, and his strong hooks and drops. His recent album is faithful to such, however, takes a more worldly approach, embracing new sounds, some key to other electronic genres. The album has some amazing remixes including "You Sell Out" which is different from other tried, tested, successful and arguably safe remixes.

"Burst" featuring Skrillex and Kill the Noise is a top level track. It is not just a clever name as it delivers on such; hitting the tympanic membrane with bursts of sounds ripping and tearing at your soul; making you want to tear the flesh from your skin and rage— slamming to the point of dub-krumping your feet and fists into the air and ground respectively.

However, the album does have the more relaxing almost trance like tracks that mellow you out, giving the ability to reflect introspectively in calm serenity like with "Need To Feel Loved (The Others Remix)" [feat.Deline Bass], a personal favorite of mine.

Caspa is a force to be reckon with in the EDM world and the music world as a whole. His strong, chin hitting beats are motivational for activities ranging from dancing to weigh-lifting. This new album has 33 tracks plenty for anyone to find that song that moves them to do whatever it may be. It is great to know Caspa is still doing his thing and bringing those wild mixes and original tracks.

Caspa can be followed on Twitter @Caspadubstep. His tracks and albums can be bought on iTunes and Beatport.

Below is a trailer for the album:



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